Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea

Request European Health Card (TSE)

For all people who travel through Europe for work, study or vacation and tourism reasons, it will always be advisable to carry the European Health Card with them, in order to be covered at a medical level in Europe. What is the European health card? The European health card is a document, like the one we have at the national level (in Spain) of the non-transferable and personal type, where it will accredit us throughout the European area, the health care we need in any country throughout the territory of the European Union. This health care will only be accredited when we are in that country for work, study, or… Read More

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SES: medical appointment in Extremadura

The acronym SES can refer to: Extremadura Health Service, Spanish health agency. SES Since recently you can request an medical appointment at the Extremadura doctor online (online and by phone). We explain how to do it in a few simple steps! You could always make an SES appointment in person, going to the counter of your health center. But currently 3 new methods have been added so you can request an appointment at the SES. SES Appointment by phone (only spanish language) SES Online Appointment      (only spanish language) SES Appointment by Mobile App  (only spanish language) Let’s see how to request the appointment step by step with each… Read More

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