If you want to find a job in Barcelona, the ideal in the midst of the current situation in the country is that you take guidelines and follow advice to achieve one of the vacant positions within a public or private institution.

Experience, age and academic preparation

These are the values that prevail today within Catalonia and each one of the localities within the Iberian peninsula to achieve a place in the market. it is important to know the Catalan language their writing and language.

People looking for work can go to the Employment Office of the Generalitat that corresponds to their home, where they will be interviewed in depth to collect personal data, training, work experience, etc .; In this way, your professional profile will be registered in the system in order to facilitate its placement.

Have fixed goals

About what you want and what position you plan to occupy, however, at the time of the interview do not be very demanding if that position is not what you expected, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate within the company or company that you can promote to that you expected so much.

1º Create a Good Resume

A good curriculum, with all the corresponding data, in an organized and summarized way and that only occupies one page, talks about what you know about preparing it and it will be much easier for them to read it within a selection, since if they are not summarizes and the information is dispersed and not summarized, there will be little probability of being among those selected.

The information that must appear within a resume is:

  1. personal information
  2. academic training
  3. work experience
  4. additional preparation
  5. attended courses and conferences
  6. as well as some additional relevant data


2 Use the Internet

Use the official employment portal of the Generalitat for find a job in Barcelona. For this you must register and apply as a job seeker if you are unemployed.

You can look for temporary employment companies to expand your possibilities such as Adecco, RandStand, Manpower.

You can also search and post ads on the portal milanuncios.com


That is why being aware of updates on these platforms is ideal to get a job in the best possible time.

Quantity matters

Applying or sending the Curriculum to the largest number of offers that meet expectations will clearly increase the number of possibilities.

3 Interviews

Finding a job, unless it is virtual, requires an interview. The way you answer in it, demonstrating your knowledge and putting them into practice, as well as your opinion on some aspects, will be decisive for achieving a place.

You need to be as empathetic and calm as possible

And if you are anxious or nervous, try to handle them before entering this interview and it is worth mentioning, be very clear about the concepts of the profession or trade to be practiced.

Most of the times the interviews are the determining judges, a person can be very well prepared, but having a lousy interview will very surely be taken into account.


Do volunteer work

If you are on trial do not hesitate to do volunteer work, at least while you start or spend this period, this will show you as a proactive person, concerned about the institution and that you will most certainly be an exemplary employee.

On the other hand

Refusing and limiting oneself to predetermined roles may be frowned upon, and may be viewed as an unsuitable person.

There are many variants and tips for finding employment, it depends on each and each case which should be applied and which should not be taken into account to achieve success.


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